Wandering the Whimdark and WIPs!

Wandering the Whimdark is out there and arriving at players houses! This exciting development means that we’re getting feedback and some of the things requested included a Character Sheet and Journal Page Templates so I went ahead and mocked some up! They are here below as well as on the main site page for free download!

I am also waiting on a shipment that includes the standalone Tarot Deck for Wandering the Whimdark! Once that arrives I’ll be able to list the Tarot Deck for standalone sale, it will come with a small tuck box and a digital download of the Alpha Sampler in case you want to think of integrating it into an RPG campaign or attempting a light version for yourself!

I’ve also been working towards the next MECHROMANCERS release (slowly but surely)…

Hoping to have this be the final big engine update and will look towards re-pitching or self publishing after that! Looking forward to diving into some new projects before the end of the year, and hopefully revisiting some older ones in 2023!

Thanks for sticking around and wandering with us!

Eric and the Witchway Games family

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