End of Year Update!

Hey all! I’m going to try to get into the habit of doing a quarterly update post just to help keep track of where things are heading!

Update: Wandering the Whimdark
Courtesy of the awesome Diego Almada Osuna (website linked below), the LATAM Spanish version has been delivered and we’re working on prepping a PnP file for distribution! We’re also working on a Winter Module that will will have a few story prompts, NPCs, and challenge suggestions that will be available for free.

A Jollman fending off Sugarplum Faeries


This game has come so far. It made it to the Semi-Finals in the Boardgame Workshop’s 2022 Design Contest, It’s been playtested and developed with physical prototypes courtesy of GameWeaver Games (https://www.gameweavergames.com/). All of the cards in the Starting Deck and Draft Deck have been updated with new terminology and icons, new features like secondary costs and scrap abilities have been added, and more zero cost reaction cards have been added to the game to ensure players always have options.

All that is left at this point is updating the playmat to include new things like an Icon Legend, and a final in house run through of the Rule Book!

A new Action Card with a Secondary Cost that adds more Attack Power
A revamped Reaction Card that has a Scrap Ability


Moving Forward: The Rustlands
I’ve been working on a game called The Rustlands with Mark Thomas, and without spOILing too much I’m just so excited about where the game is headed. It’s come so far from this initial mockup sketch, a lot has changed, but the heart and story of this game is something we’re super proud of so far.

An early sketch mockup of The Rustlands to establish feel and aesthetic


Bubbling and Brewing:
There are two games that we’re working on that are still in their infancy: “Goblin Throne” and “Digicatch Creatures”.

Goblin Throne: is a Yahtzee inspired dice combat/set collection game where different Goblin Leaders vie for control of the Goblin Throne! Roll for resources, use them to collect Minions, complete Trophy cards, or take out your opponents!

Current prototype of Goblin Throne

Digicatch Creatures: A fun collectible card game we’re making for our kids! This game exercises simple math skills at a couple different scales, but is hidden behind the fun of opening booster packs, set collection, and engaging visuals!

Prototype card for Digicatch Creatures


Backburner: Pains of Glass
Pains of Glass is a concept near and dear to our hearts, and with the help of my brother Jack we’re reworking the board layout and materials to make sure that this game is as bright, thematic, and epic as it’s supposed to be!

Mockup of new modular board for Pains of Glass

Goals for 2023: Let’s talk about what some of our goals are for 2023! There’s a lot we were able to accomplish in 2022 and a lot we’d like to pursue in 2023.

– Get more games out there (Rustlands, Digicatch, Pains of Glass, Goblin Throne)

– Be on some podcasts!

– Launch our Entry Level Art Direction program!

– Attend a convention (PAX East? BFIG?)!


Thanks everyone for your support over this past year, I’m really excited to get to work for 2023. I hope we get to share a lot together 🙂


Eric Streed

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