Paper Planes

Surprise! A new game!

Say hello to Paper Planes! Paper Planes was designed as a micro game for 2 players, inspired by games like Tsuro of the Seas. I wanted to make a clean drafting game that focused on path building, and choosing between helping yourself and hindering your opponent. This game is very much about timing and planning ahead, and because it plays so fast you can get a few “throws” in real quick!

A little example of a flight path and overcoming an obstacle in Paper Planes

How do you play Paper Planes? It’s honestly pretty straight forward! The core rules are below, and we’ll continue developing the game as time goes on, with the goal being a 2 player micro/travel/wallet version, and a 4-6 player table version.

Core rules to Paper Planes

Where can I play Paper planes? Well, we currently have a free Print and Play file available on Tabletop United! You can find the link to the article containing the download files below:

We’ll have a production version of Paper Planes up on The Game Crafter soon and we’ll be sure to update this page when the time comes!

Hope all is well, and please let us know if you have any questions, come up with any fun house rules, and tag us online if you post any pics of the game! We’d love to see it out in the wild!

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