Wandering the Whimdark

Wandering the Whimdark:
Alpha Rules Edition

Welcome to the Wandering the Whimdark, a solo journaling RPG engine that utilizes a Character Sheet, a deck of 25 cards (five different suits, with values from 6 to 10), three 6-Sided Dice, and this adventure source book. In playing this game you are taking on the role of a character who for their own reasons has chosen to embark on a journey through this wonderful and whimsical, wild and perilous world. You’ll have to use your skills not only to make your way through the Whimdark, but to survive the encounters it throws at you.

This is a game about telling stories. The Whimdark wants you to wander its overgrown trails, seek out new and interesting inhabitants, find lost things, confront your beasts. Know that as you wander, dangers lurk near, fight when you can, and run when you must. Not everyone makes it through the Whimdark…

What can you expect in the box?
The boxed set of Wandering the Whimdark will come with a deck of 25 Story Cards (Tarot Size), 3 D6, and a 1st Edition sourcebook (40+ pages) containing rules, guidance, and illustrations to help you craft your tales in the Whimdark!

What do the cards mean/do?
The cards in Wandering the Whimdark come in 5 suits: Candles, Clocks, Gourds, Bells, and Beasts.

Each suit corresponds to a different Stat on your character sheet, along with a different style of narrative prompt. For example the Candles suit corresponds to your Strength stat, and guides you to a narrative prompt describing some sort of strenuous or challenging physical activity.

How does the game work?

A desk setup with a completed Play (series of 3 Encounters) displayed

To play the game, you will face a series of Encounters by drawing a card from the Story Deck. You’ll roll a die and pair the rolled value with the corresponding stat based on the suit of the card drawn and the Final Result will tell you if you’ve succeeded or failed, and how extreme the success or penalty is. Each class has abilities that will allow them to navigate these Encounters, and after you have completed a Play (3 consecutive Encounters) it’s time to start journaling! Use these prompts, your successes and failures, and any abilities you use to help craft your narrative and journal it down from the perspective of your Wanderer!

What makes this game special?
– Game-ified Writing Prompts
– Rich, narrative environment
– Unique character classes and abilities
– The guidelines to tell the story you want, with rules to provoke thought when needed

Check out a sample Encounter here: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRP63YMA/

A sample Portrait from a recent Giveaway

Where can I get it?
Wandering the Whimdark is available for purchase on The Game Crafter as well as digital download for “Print and Play”. I also have plans for a subscription release model where players would get new narrative prompts, early access to upcoming modules, and a say in rules direction, card art, and more!

Production Copy [Source Book and Cards] ($29.99 + Shipping)
The Game Crafter: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/wandering-the-whimdark:-alpha-edition

Story Deck [Tarot Cards Only] ($14.99 + Shipping)
The Game Crafter:

PNP Orders ($7)
Gumroad: https://witchwaygames.gumroad.com/l/yamlo
PnP Arcade: https://www.pnparcade.com/collections/new-games/products/wandering-the-whimdark-alpha-edition

Who is Wandering the Whimdark for?
I made this game for people who want to tell stories. I was thinking of people who want to explore whimsical, sometimes dark moments in narrative, who want to live on the edge of wholesome and spooky. I was thinking of the Dungeon Masters who are stuck crafting stories for everyone else, but never get to play or tell a story for themselves. I was thinking of people who like creating, writing, and drawing with a little direction, but the freedom to execute how they see fit. Wandering the Whimdark is for all who want to tell a story, with rules where they need them and freedom where they want it.

Two Wanderers in the Whimdark

Additional Resources:
Here are some templates for a Character Sheet and some Journal Pages! When folded on the dotted line they will both fit in the game box!

Character Sheet (Alpha Template)
Journal Pages (Alpha Template)

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