Support Resources

Hey there! Here is a list of some resources we have found useful while making games!

Development: Tools we use to make games!

The Game Crafter: a website you can use for high quality prototypes or limited runs of a game! Good quality and price, sometimes a fair wait for shipping though.


Conventions: Places you might see us!

– PAX East (Boston, MA): very big video game convention with a sizable tabletop presence.

– Boston FIG (Boston, MA): video and board game convention at MIT.

– Syndicon (Durham, NH): tabletop games convention at UNH.

– Token’s Taproom (Dover, NH): barcade that hosts “tabletop Tuesday’s” and MTG on fridays.

Background Inspiration: Things we find helpful!

Background TV can be helpful for some people! Here are some shows we’ve found help spark that creative engine…

Face Off (SyFy): really great creature design, and fun themes in each challenge. Encourages you to think about a quick finished product!

Strip Search (Web Series): the search for the next great webcomic artist. Easily the most wholesome and uplifting game show we’ve ever watched.

Shark Tank (NBC): rapid fire concept pitches. Good business terminology and food for thought.

Extra Credits (Web Series): really insightful game design theory, mostly targeting video game design, but relevant to board games as well. Lots of fun, educational moments.

Next In Fashion (Netflix): Fun, inspiring fashion design show. Great inspiration for character design, along with fun, quick, visual challenges.

Social Media Resources:

We are on Facebook:

We are on Instagram: @witchway_games

We participate in #CraftWednesday on Twitter: @WitchwayGames

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