Build your Bot, power it with Spirits, destroy your opponent! The ability to do these three things are what are required of all great Mechromancers, can you master the necessary skills to become the greatest Mechromancer of all time?



MECHROMANCERS is a deck building battler game optimized for 2 players inspired by anime and card games from the 1990s and early 2000s, and is thematically a combination of shows like Medabots and Shaman King. The real standout element of the game is Spirit Overlay cards that, when channeled, change the latent stats of your Bot Build, which then in turn affects how much damage you do to opponents, how many cards you draw, even how much Spirit Power you attune every turn!

Splash art showing a potential Bot Build with Soul Overlays activated!

The game is set up as a turn based dueling game that focuses on using your one real resource (Spirit Power) to execute moves from your hand and deck, in addition to spending SP to draft new cards from a pool of moves in the center of the table. Cards in the draft pool fall along an assembly line, so be sure to balance drafting at the right time with striking while you have the Spirit Power to do so!

Respond to your opponent’s actions with reversal cards, adopt different fighting stances to keep your opponent on their toes, and sculpt your deck to chain your combos together and destroy all four parts of your opponents Bot Build! Feel free to download our prototype rulebook and check it out using the link below!

Soul Grip – one of the many Reversal type Reaction Cards available in the Draft Deck in MECHROMANCERS

Here are some breakdowns on what Card Anatomy and the 2 Player setup looks like, along with what an example Bot Build looks like in its normal form as well as with full Spirit Overlays activated:

We’ve gotten some fun updates in recently including a new slingshot mechanic, secondary casting costs, and scrapping cards!

We’ll start a Q&A Section down here as well!

Q: What sets MECHROMANCERS apart from other deck builders?
A: The unique spirit overlays are the most unique feature, but the clean combat engine and management of Spirit Points make for strategic drafting and meaningful choices! Let’s take a closer look in this video below:


Q: How does building a Bot work? What sort of Spirits can you use for your bot? Do you get to choose?
Let’s take a closer look in this video!

Q: Can you give us an overview of what gameplay looks like?
Sure! Check out the video below!

Q: Is there a PnP so we can playtest or give feedback?
A: Yes there is! You will need four 10 sided dice (d10) per player, and will need to ensure each player has a copy of the Core Deck. You will also need to have roughly 40 Spirit Point tokens, or some sort of counter app to keep track. The Spirit Overlay cards should be printed on transparency paper as well if possible. The rest of the assets can be found here:

Let us know if you have other questions! We’d be happy to answer them!

Stay spooky friends!
– Eric from Witchway Games

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