Haunted Harvest

Its time for the Haunted Harvest! We have a PnP of a new game ready for all of you just in time for the start of fall! In this game, you play as a lonely scarecrow, and the winter season is almost upon you. You decide you want to plant some seeds in hopes of attracting some Crows for company, and hope they will stay with you through the winter. You plant the seeds and the crows do come, but you had forgotten that the grounds of your farmland are haunted! At night, the plants awake and rampage about, scaring crows and devouring each other! Can you plant enough during the day, and keep them under control enough at night so that the flock grows large enough to stay?

Haunted Harvest PnP splash art!

Print n’ Play Assets

All of the assets you will need to play a 1 Player or 2 Player game of Haunted Harvest! *NOTE* as stated on the PnP files you will have to print 2 sheets of the hex tiles and “assemble” them for the game to work properly (example at bottom of page).

Rule Set

The current Rules Set for Haunted Harvest!

Box Templates

Printable box templates for Haunted Harvest if you want to keep your PnP safe!

We hope you will enjoy playing Haunted Harvest, and we hope you will send us pictures of your PnP along with any feedback you have to make the game better! Feel free to reach out here, or in the Witchway Games FaceBook group, or join the Witchway Games Playtesters group and submit feedback there!

Early concept mockup

Thanks for stopping by, and stay spooky!
-The Witchway Games family

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