Full Moon: the Beast of Gevaudan


Full Moon: The Beast of Gevaudan is a brutal solo roll and write inspired by the myth of the beast that ravaged the French countryside in the mid 1700s.

In this game you play as the beast, a werewolf struggling to survive as paranoia grows constantly, unable control your werewolf form.

Can you maintain your village guise for the month? the season? the year? The experience is harrowing, and you will need to push your luck to see how long you can survive. Are you ready to roll the dice?

On this page you’ll find a gallery of the rules, along with a printable Calendar page that is used for the game.

Calendar Page

You will need dice in order to play this game. The game requires 6 standard six-sided dice, along with two custom Peril Dice. If you want to make physical custom dice that is awesome, but there are free digital alternatives you can use to create custom dice (listed below). Attached below are the faces of the Peril Dice.

These are the required faces on the Peril Dice

For iOS you can use the free app “Photo Dice”:

For Android you can use the free app “Dice”:

Below are the individual images for the Peril Die faces:

Please feel free to send feedback our way, you can reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or send us an email with your feedback to WitchwayGames@gmail.com

There is more to the game that we’re hoping to add soon, but we’d love to get some feedback on what works or doesn’t work with the core engine before adding in any more intricacies. Thank you so much for your time, can wait to push this game to the next level!

-The Witchway Games Team

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