Wandering the Whimdark: Release Date!

It’s time! The countdown to release was officially announced yesterday, and the release date for the Wandering the Whimdark Alpha source book is this coming Saturday, September 24th (2022), just in time for the official first weekend of Fall!

Promo Splash Page

There’s a lot of beautiful art in this book, a lot of fun characters, story provoking work in the Tarot Deck, lots of good wandering to do and stories to be told! You can check out our videos on TikTok (one of them is linked in the Game page: https://witchwaygames.com/wandering-the-whimdark/)

A recent Play (series of 3 Encounters) of Wandering the Whimdark

I want to do a lot with this game and engine, I want to continue to build it out, I want it to be very community involved in terms of design, art, direction, and I’ve set up the Discord Channel here to help facilitate that: https://discord.gg/ynd8Pnj9

Thanks for wandering along with me so far, I hope you’ll stick around! There’s lots more story to tell.

Stay spooky, happy fall everyone!
– Eric

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