2021 Wrap-Up and Goals for 2022

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 was a strange year, we’ve been hard at work, but with not a lot of tangible assets to show for it, which is a strange feeling! Let’s take a minute to break down all that we did over the past year though. In the tabletop space we’ve been working on projects with Jellyfish Game Studios and Glass Shoe Games, and while we can’t talk a lot about our work with Jellyfish just yet, we’re excited that the second game we worked on with Glass Shoe Games funded successfully on Kickstarter in October!

We worked a lot with the company Happy Powerups to help create characters and assets for a kids daily journal that introduces daily mindfulness & psychology tips that promote increased happiness, self-kindness, optimism, compassion & gratitude. If you or a parent you know thinks this is cool, be sure to check out http://www.happypowerups.com for more info and some free downloads!

Visit http://www.happypowerups.com for more information

We also got to work with a very cool company called Superdigital for some high profile clients like Julian Edelman and Guy Fieri!

As far as our own designs go, bits and pieces of progress happened here and there, but we weren’t able to hit a lot of the milestones we wanted to this year due to other projects that took priority.

That brings us to our goals for 2022.

There are three design projects we’d like to see through in 2022. The first is MECHROMANCERS. The rules have all been updated, and our cards need a few UI updates prior to ordering the battle box, we have a few deliverables we’re working on first, but as far as our internal projects go it’s our top priority.

A sample of art from MECHROMANCERS spanning everything from initial concept sketches, to digital mockup on Tabletopia

The second is Pains of Glass. This is a dice laying game meant as a narrative spinoff to SAGRADA by Floodgate Games. It’s not affiliated at all with Floodgate, the branding below was just for flavor, but our game uses mechanics inspired by the excellent dice set collection game. The main component that will set our game apart is the unique battle mechanic, coupled with what we’re calling “Pressure” that is applied to each shard of glass placed in the Pane.

Pains of Glass concept work. Again, not affiliated with Sagrada in any way, it’s more there for inspiration on our part.

The third is an untitled solo rpg inspired by media like Over the Garden Wall and games like Colostle (https://www.colostle.com/) and our own game Full Moon: The Beast of Gevaudan. This game will be a solo journaling RPG where a player wanders through the woods of their mind. It will rely on a deck of cards, character stats, and dice rolling. There will be some interesting thematic and mechanic elements we’re excited to share when the time comes, and it’s sure to be a dark and whimsical romp through the corners of your mind!

Those three projects are huge commitments we will be trying to see to various degrees of completion over 2022 while we have other projects ongoing. Our continued partnership with Jellyfish Games is our first priority, and we near completion on assets for the card game Inferno from an up and coming team based in Australia as well. The lure of new projects is strong, and a call that is hard to resist. Putting this in writing helps though, and solidifies these goals for the year.

We’ve been quiet on the site this past year, but there’s still so much to celebrate! Full Moon had almost 200 downloads on its own, and we had visitors from all over the world checking out our work as well. We are so grateful for the continued support we have been shown, and we’re so excited for all that 2022 will bring. Thanks for sticking with us 🙂

The Witchway Games Family

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