Monster Boxing: Update!

Hello all! We have been plugging away on Monster Boxing for the last few weeks and we’re hoping to get our first playtest in this weekend! At this point our framework rules are set, two of four character decks are done (for this playtest we will just use the decks we’ve made so far), and we are well into the Equipment Training deck. As far as the cards are concerned, that just leaves the Sparring Partner deck.

Starting character: Gretchen the Ember Queen

deck will focus on speed and making lots of actions quickly

Starting character: Ajax the Dragonborn Prodigy (name will change)

deck will focus on power and damaging your opponent and their items


We have ordered blank white acrylic dice to create the two Character Dice pools and the Challenge Dice pool. We’re really excited to test out the engine in playtest, and we’re sure there is going to be a lot of stuff that needs to change. This is our most complex design to date though, so the sooner we get the ball rolling, the sooner we can get the best game we can make in your hands!


Stay tuned for more updates!


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