Evolution of Needlehearts

Hello! While we plug away on the traditional art for Needlehearts, I thought we would give a little rundown of how the project has evolved over the years!

Needlehearts started off as a video game project in 2012 called “Pincushion Goblins: The Needlehearts Trilogy”. It was designed to be a low poly action, puzzle-platformer game for PC, that focused on the efforts of these voodoo dolls trying to escape or kill the Witch Doctor that imprisoned them in an attempt to free their souls.

Needlehearts started making its transition to analog format in 2018 as a hex based exploration game. Light combat and health resource management were introduced while staying true to the ideals of the original video game. There is so much depth to this world, and the potential for RPG supplements and Expansions really stands out to us.

Health is your most valuable commodity, both physical and spiritual. Make choices wisely, be afraid, be careful, work together, and get out as quickly as you can! The Witch Doctor returns home soon, and time is precious and fleeting…


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