Updates to Wandering the Whimdark Cards

Hello all! I wanted to spread some awareness amount some changes to two cards in Wandering the Whimdark (Alpha Version). I have gone ahead and removed the blood from two cards, the 9 of Candles and the 9 of Beasts. It’s a small change, one that still may upset some future players, but I did it in the hopes that it may encourage more people to check out the game and the world of Wandering the Whimdark.

The new “9 of Beasts” Card hopefully captures the same level of fear and confrontation that the original did

Only 2 of 25 cards had blood on them, and while I personally enjoy a darker tone to the game, I don’t feel like as though it requires there to be blood depicted, I would rather let the player confront the darkness with the level of graphic indulgence that they choose, instead of one I’ve positioned for them. This game is, after all, about telling the story you want to tell.

The new “9 of Candles” card will hopefully invite players to follow the shadowy figure down the alleyway

Wandering the Whimdark (Alpha Edition) and the Tarot Story Cards will both be in The Game Crafter’s Tarot and Divination Sale as they feature the Tarot Story Deck, it’s important to note though that these are not a full deck of Tarot Cards (there are only 25 of them). They are a storytelling tool, though you may choose to relate to or examine the story they push you to tell.

Check out the sale from May 23rd to May 29th at http://www.TheGameCrafter.com

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