Update: All the Games!

Hello all! I wanted to provide a quick update on all our games! We are working diligently on Needlehearts for the Game Design Lab 2019 Contest! We hope to have a full color prototype of our game ready early this month, complete our sell sheet, and have everything entered in the next few weeks. We will post a big update when we have that all done!

Alpha Version of “Needlehearts” in action!

Crow Court: The Beta rules are hard in place and a bunch of copies have been sold through The Game Crafter! We are setting up PnP (Print and Play) files to upload on Playtest Co-op, and we will post a like to that when it is done! It’s a great opportunity for players and playtesters to get their hands on a game while it’s still in the works, or even after it’s already done! You can provide feedback to the designers, and the files are accessible for free!

One page of our PnP files for “Crow Court”

Monster Boxing: For now the game has been tabled. It feels fiddly and didn’t have the gut impact that we had hoped for. It’s still a game we want to make, we just need to re-examine how we get there, and convey the feeling that we’d really like to.

Alpha layout of “Monster Boxing

We have a few other games we are excited about pursuing at this point, and are redirecting efforts to those in the background while adding finishing touches to Crow Court and Needlehearts.

Thanks for checking in! We’ll have some more updates soon!

-Witchway Games

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